L’’Élue Collectif Consultancy can help you design and execute sales strategies to foster a strong customer connection with your brand.

Becoming a strong brand is a process. This process starts by defining your brand identity, brand positioning and a well thought-out strategic plan.

With their wide range of experience Eric Elenbaas and Jarno Harbers know the ins and outs of the fashion industry and will work with you determining which paths will lead to significant increases in sales performance. The success stands or falls with consistent implementation and execution. Therefore, we will help you move from recommendations to action and make changes in external communication, services and employee behavior.

Our sales consulting services include:

  • Sales strategy (determine your target group and design the strategy how to reach your target group);
  • Implementing sales tools;
  • Setting up international sales network;
  • Communication; adapt your marketing strategy to your target group;
  • Transition brands from multibrand showroom to stand-alone showroom;
  • Setting up pop-up store or shop-in-shop concept.